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Hazeilii (19, male) from Sri Lanka

I'm Hazel 19 y.o. ..I'm a first year engineering student.. I love Physics & Mathematics a lot..As a hobby I'm doing writing songs..I would like to improve my singing skills through others' comment bcz of that I love to making friends... I really like to write lot..speacially about my feelings & share my ideas with someone helps me lot to make my mind better.. Hope to hear from you :))

Heike (58, female) from Germany (Landau)

I am 59 years old and live in Germany. I lke to get in contact with interested woman at the age of about 58 and 65. If you are from Australia, New Zealand and anywhere in Europe I would be lucky to read from you. I am married, have two sons at the age of 26 and 19 and I am only interested in friendship, not love affairs. My hobbies are hiking, travelling, reading and nature and culture in general.

Adrian Tibezuka (46, male) from Tanzania (Tanzania)

I ma Adrian Tibezuka from Tanzania. I am looking for a friend from all over the world. I like travelling, reading, learning different cultures. My age is 46 years

Hendda (24, female) from Egypt (Egypt)

Hey there, Its Hendda, im 24 I've studied English literature. I just wanna some friends like mail friends. So if u wanna talk im all ears ^^


Udo (48, male) from Austria (Vienna)

Hello everbody, i am Deni, living in Austria since many years.I was born in South Asia. I love diffrent cultures & natures, My hobbies are travelling, going for walks, cycling, love beaches,cooking,listning to pleasant music etc. I soon like to correspond with femails to make the life more interesting. Thanks.


Paige (16, female) from United States (Texas)

Sup homies! My name is Paige and I am open to talk to anyone. My heart is currently taken by cinnamon rolls & tennis.

Kerstin (33, female) from Germany (Bayern)

Hello, I'm 33 y'o, from Bavaria and I am looking for mail/chatfriends from around the world šŸŒŽ - everything but german. I want to learn about different cultures, lifestyles and improve my english vocabulary on top of that :-) I tend to be a little geeky,- love science, medical facts and storys and astronomy. Little wonders of life. And i do have a soft spot for old tv-series (friends) and traveling (within europe, financially limited.šŸ’°) If the chemistry is right, I would love to develope a deep and meaningful conversation habit.

justin (45, male) from Australia (somerville)

love the outdoors being natural riding horses manners make othes feel goodmake you laugh love good conversation dressing up romantic

Hanna (14, female) from Germany

Hi. My name is Hanna. I'm 14 years old and I live in Germany. I just wanna meet some new people here. I really like reading and doing creative things like drawing. I' m also interested in science, music and some sports. Just text me. It doesn't matter which gender if you are around my age. Hanna

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