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Charlotte (33, female) from Germany (Bayern)

Hi my Name is Charlotte, 33 years old, workingin a Bank and second I am an yogateacher. I live in Germany and search for someone who want to write with me in english, because I want to refresh my shoolenglish. I want to lern new words and lern to understand and write. I like conversations about Lifestyle, sports, yoga, hike, climbing and something else. Maybe you live in Australia, New Zeland, the USA or the UK. Thank you for reading and I am glad of hearing from you! Charlotte

Justin (28, female) from India

Hey , Am Justin am a medico ,am an introvert who's trying to socialize, am more of a submissive guy, looking for some genuine friends for long term friendship.

London (14, female) from United States (buford, georgia)

hello there, my name is london. i'm 14 and living in georgia, America. i am bisexual and use she/they pronouns. i love reading and listening to music. on my free time I play the piano and violin. i also draw and sing, sometimes. i previously made an ad but forgot about most I've chatted with. this is my chance to restart and make new friends. please chat with me!

Dhanushan dhanu (23, male) from Sri Lanka

Hello there, how are you doing? I'm Dhanush from Sri Lanka, and I'm 23 years old.It's nice to meet you, I'm looking for some new friends all over the world because I'm planning to travel around the world every single spot in the future, and yes I love traveling. I would like to get your friendship. Can I?

Favour (15, female) from Nigeria

Hey new friends my name is Favour Samuel from Nigeria I love coding reading writing and singing I will also love to travel around the world someday I want to make new friends to share new experiences and to talk to I am open to talk about anything I might be a bit quiet at first but really chatty when you get a chance to know me. Hoping to get new friends

Annik / Anni (14, female) from Germany (Ludwigsfelde)

Hey, I'm looking for somebody who has the same strange personality. I like tv-series and movies. We also can talk about some thing else. I don't care.

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