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Inci (55, female) from Finland (Helsinki)

I'm looking for postal/snail mail penfriends to make good friends with! I'm German from Turkey residing in Finland... 55 years young, married with 2 grown up children and 2 cats. Many interests, like lots...! For example reading, travelling, photography, religions, stationery, scarves, Turkish and Turkic anything etc etc I'm especially looking for Turkish and Asian penpals,any one in Turkey or Turkic/related anywhere in the world... Anyone from/in Malaysia? Please write! Plus Oceania, Faroe islands, Åland, UK islands, Iceland, Greenland, South Africa, Chile, Peru... I'm sorry but I already have many Caucasian USAmerican penpals in mainland USA, (& Germany, which is not abroad for me) so I'd prefer not to write to several new ones... To have some time to write to others too, I hope you understand what I mean...! Foreigners etc there always welcome though, or if we have things in common...!

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