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Anna from United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Anna, a 33 years old Pole currently living in beautiful but soggy Scotland. I'm an ardent coffe and book lover, a filmoholic, avid traveller and woodland soul, actively looking for like-minded (or not) souls dying to share anything that is on their mind or simply anybody willing to have interesting conversations on our everyday life matters, work life, hobbies, journeys, books or problems and sorrows. I'm also looking for lifelong penpals who are not afraid of exchanging chatty letters! You can write to me in English, German, French and Spanish!


Alaina (32, female) from United States (North Dakota)

I am looking for friends who want to have long term friendships via snail mail. I'm not looking for a relationship or anything further than friends. My hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, listening to music, watching movies, cooking and baking.

mike (42, male) from United States (missuri)

hello im mike from the usa. im searching for snailmail single women from all over the world to be honest friends. i clean house for my dad. have a good day to all of you

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