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Anni (18, female) from Germany

Hiii WAIT don’t leave yet... My name is Anni and I actually don’t really know how to introduce myself properly.. I’m really shy when it comes to get to know people or introduce myself because I fear judgment so I don’t mean to be rude or something I’m just always afraid that people don’t like me.. It’s easier for me to talk to people who don’t care about what other people say, who are just themselves and talk to me like we’ve known each other since ever I will try that too! :)) Here is a friendly warning: if we become close friends, best friends, I won’t ever let go of you anymore :D Things about me: I‘m a very loyal friend I love animals.. give me a dog and you won’t see me the whole day :D I love watching all kind of dramas except horror When I’m not watching a drama which won’t happen that often lol then I love learning new languages:) Soo that’s it for now.. If you are still here.. thanks!! And just write me a message :))

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