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Kyle (25, male) from Kenya

Am kyle from kenya , loves urbun music and watching movies Wish to make a female friend to talk and share ideas with

Khadija (18, female) from Tunisia (Tunisia)

Heyy guys! I'm Khadija, from Tunisia. I'm in love with books and music and i'm searching for a penfriend .. so if you want to talk everyday i'm here .

Øystein (34, male) from Norway (Trondheim)

Hi, my name is Øystein, I'm a 34 year young man that lives in the middle of Norway. I work as a restaurant manager in a great restaurant in my town, and I love the restaurant life. I'm interested in wine, beer, food, reading, movies, TV series, plants, geography and history. I would love to write with you to hear about your culture and your everyday life. Your age is not important. I really hope to hear from you and tell you more about myself. Xoxo

Onur (27, male) from Turkey (Antalya, Turkey)

Hi all. I am Onur CAN. I am an engineer. I want somebody to talk about daily life. I play guitar, walk and read. I accept critisism about Turkey. We need help about human rights and justice. Thank you!

Susej (16, female) from Argentina (Argentina)

Hello, my name is Susej. I was born in Venezuela but I have lived in Argentina for many years. I am a very passionate girl and above all, I love the world. I can talk about any topic, and more if it is something about cultures, movies or travel. I am looking for a MailFriend because I find it nice and curious to find a friendship in this way. With me you will never run out of conversation topic:) Thank you and I hope I can find a MailFriend!

Tatiana (female) from Russia

Hi, my name is Tanya, I'm Russian, 30 years old. Currently I'm working and preparing for entrance exams, I'm going to study psychology. My interests are psychology, healthy lifestyle, history, arts, reading books and articles & discussing them, studying, cooking, hand-made. I'm looking for e-mail friends to share common interests, feelings and thoughts.

nairu (14) from Turkey (Turkey)

Hi!I'm nairu (that's my nickname).I'm 14 years old. I like drawing ,listening music ,watching anime and reading manga. Have a good day or night.

elmhaff (59, male) from Tunisia (Tunisia)

Me tunisian in tunisia 59years old divorced look for a lady in the world that must be milliardaire if not please do not disturb thanks

Lara (18, female) from Turkey

Hey i am Lara! I love talking to new people all around the world and i am happy that i’ve found this site to get E-Mail friends. I love singing a lot and also have a Youtube channel. I also really really love taking photographs of nature,flowers and anything photogenic hahah. I would love to get to know you! Please email me!

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