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Marcel (27, male) from Germany (M├╝nchen)

Hey my dear friend, I want to refresh my english skills so i am looking for an email friend to talk to in english. I am a german student 27 years old . Best wishes Marcel

Ashley (16, female) from Japan

Hi, I'm a Japanese girl. I love foreign culture. Still studying in a senior high school. I would like to make friends all over the world. Also, I want to make my English ability higher.


Jad (38, male) from Morocco (Morocco, Casablanca)

Hello ! My name is Jad and am 38 years old.I come from Morocco and live in a city called Casablanca. I like reading,learning foreign languages,making friends from all over the world,art,the internet,watching TV,football, tennis... I own a diploma in hoteliery specifically in reception. I can speak Arabic, French and English. I am looking for some friends on this site.

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