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angelo (64, male) from Canada (near toronto)

I am married so looking for a platonic female friend. Just to trade emails. I am a good listener. I am a bit lonely (covid contributes to that)

Fanni (13, female) from Finland (Finland)

I love anime and cosplay and I do gymnastic!Hope I will find some good friends!!!!! I live in finland and I am 13 years old

Basia (18, female) from Poland (Poland)

Im just happy girl From Poland.... I. Like schopoing and food I learn English.. I Like Swimming a lot

Dermot maguire (35, male) from Ireland (Letterkenny)

Hi,reader I am from Donegal and hopeing to meet someone I can hook up with male or female,I smoke dope and shag anyone game for it.I like weekends away to chill and groove.I am forty years through life and still enjoying what comes my way so get in touch and mix our styles.

Sravite (15, male) from Turkey (Turkiye)

─░ like physics and psychology i am introvert person i like listening classic music i am interested in science history

Sandro (23, male) from Kenya (Kericho Kenya.)

Hello, I am Sandro 23 from Kenya. I like football, watching movies, travelling and reading. I am look for a best friend to love and meet around the world. Email me at kipronokth@mail Thanks in advance.

Rolf (55, male) from Sweden (Sweden)

I am 55 years old and a bit lonely. I am interested in psycology, ceramics, chemistry, politics and most of all life itself. I have moved around a bit and lost contact with many of my friends. I want to share thoughts and feelings in word-form with a new friend. I dont care how old you are or what gender.

Ssenyondo Prim

Ssenyondo Prim (23, male) from Uganda (Luwero, Uganda)

I am Primo and I'm a Ugandan. I am a social worker by Profession. I love social work and I believe in team work. I love football, reading different social books and journals. I love and like associating with people regardless of the gender, ethnicity, Age, religion and background.

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