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Marina (66, female) from United States (Medfield MA USA)

Hello. Iam Marina. New. Just joined. Retired Teacher. 66. Divorced female. Two adult children. On their own. No grandkids unfortunately. I also worked for State Parks. Iam currently in the US. A citizen. However, international person and worked abroad. Twice long term. In Germany and Czech republic. Speak Russian Czech Slovak and very basic German. Not good enough to communicate here. I love travel, nature, Gardening and Volunteering. Community service is very important to me. I like to stay active and involved with the world. Like this site. It's very direct and easy to use. Looking for like-minded penpals to communicate with. Snail mail or email. I love exchanging post cards. And just basically find good people who share similar values and Outlook on life. Thanks. Stay safe and healthy.

Tilde (24, female) from Sweden

Hey! I’m currently studying forest science and biology but I’m looking for people who wants to discuss anything from philosophy, psychology, movies, books, music, relationships or just life in general. Reading and being outside hiking and skiing are two big hobbies of mine but I love learning about almost anything! Looking forward to discussing and sharing thoughts and experiences with someone! :)

BORLEYBOY (50, male) from United Kingdom (LONDON, UK)

Hello, my name is John and I live in London UK. I'm a trained Senior Pilot, and unfortunately the pandemic has grounded me for over a year now. I do, however, pilot the occasional long-haul cargo flight, and also help to train Junior pilots too. The situation, being still very difficult with the airline industry,, I'm thinking about going back to the teaching professsion (I'm a trained teacher). We'll see. Obviously, I've travelled extensively, which I've loved! I have several interests- movies/some tv; sports, science,reading, and magic! I'll tell you more about this (if you're interested) when we talk. I talk about anything and everything, serious and fun-I certainly enjoy humour, fun and games and laughs too! I've even been known occasionally to indulge in a little flirting! I was married and have one son, now in his mid 20s. My wife sadly died of cancer quite a few years ago. Please feel free to ask/tell me anything you like and I'll be most happy to give you an honest answer. I'm a very good listener, hope to make one or two special friendships, and enjoy talking to women especially- why not? Hope to hear from you soon. Love and Kisses John xxx

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