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Peter Pan (50, male) from United States (U.S.)

I'm a career musician that lost all my bandmates and was also widowed. That was a major change in social network and lifestyle. Have been alone for quite awhile and would like to meet new people. Am not a political or religious person, not a fan of crime of violence. Am a live and let live person that prefers other topics & deeper conversations. Resonance & good vibes are a big deal, so in a pen pal I seek a reciprocal writing partner to build good energy with. Cheers!

Joachim (56, male) from Germany

It is a disturbing age in which we live. Climate change, the pandemic, the war... I'm looking for a friendship in which we navigate through this age together. Accompanying each other through the ups and downs of everyday life. Share thoughts, ideas, impressions, moods. Listen to each other. Maybe you are interested in literature, philosophy, poetry, classical music? I would be happy to hear (to read) from you. See you soon...

Justin Kong (16, male) from China (Shandong,China)

Hello from Shandong!Looking for a friend who wants to talk with a interesting person!I am a English learner and my native language is Chinese.

Lang (45, male) from Canada

A WFH employee. Even tempered. Distance fun runner. Various hobbies. Looking for female penfriends only. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ariel (43) from Germany

Hi, I just want someone to write to, Mailfriends to share daily thoughts, everyday stuff. I am interested in arts, personal experiences, different cultures and social especialties. If you need a friend try me and Mail me.

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