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Finde englischsprachige Anzeigen von Menschen, die aus aller Welt kommen und beliebig alt sind.
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Isata (35, weiblich) aus Sierra Leone (Sierra Leone)

i love to meet new people, share ideas,learn new things.i want to make the most out of Life,Life is a gift and i'm thankful.

Max (14, männlich) aus Deutschland

Hi, I’m Max and I’m from Germany. I’m playing Tennis and doing selfdefense and Kickboxing. I just search for an Email friendship to someone in the USA.

Matilda (16, weiblich) aus Deutschland (Köln)

Hello! My name is Matilda and i am currently 16 years old. My Hobbies are drawing, playing computer games and karate. I would like to meet someone with whom i could comminicate in english, because i want to improve my english skills, and also learn Something about the american or english culture :)

GAKY (60, männlich) aus Vereinigte Staaten (ARIZONA)

Hi I call myself GAKY . I am a hot to trot male , and I am casually looking for friends . Just as well if I find old friends here . I would really like to meet some girls in their 30s-60s . Lets see if we can give this ah , little friedship thing a whirl . And maybe back again ..OK?OK


Anni (18, weiblich) aus Deutschland

Hiii WAIT don’t leave yet... My name is Anni and I actually don’t really know how to introduce myself properly.. I’m really shy when it comes to get to know people or introduce myself because I fear judgment so I don’t mean to be rude or something I’m just always afraid that people don’t like me.. It’s easier for me to talk to people who don’t care about what other people say, who are just themselves and talk to me like we’ve known each other since ever I will try that too! :)) Here is a friendly warning: if we become close friends, best friends, I won’t ever let go of you anymore :D Things about me: I‘m a very loyal friend I love animals.. give me a dog and you won’t see me the whole day :D I love watching all kind of dramas except horror When I’m not watching a drama which won’t happen that often lol then I love learning new languages:) Soo that’s it for now.. If you are still here.. thanks!! And just write me a message :))


Kayla (15, weiblich) aus Vereinigte Staaten

Hey!! My names Kayla! I’m from Cali (I am most likely the only Californian to say “Cali” but whatever💀✋🏾), I am a Christian & I’m 15 going into my second yr. of high school. I do color guard, drama, and l had danced for 10 years. I started learning Spanish at around age 9 and am decent still learning. Can’t wait to talk to some of you! Hmu (hit me up) and let talk!!!

Bigger (27, männlich) aus Ghana (Anomabo)

love to meet new people, share ideas,learn new things.i want to make the most out of Life,Life is a gift and i'm thankful.

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