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Sophia (15) aus Vereinigte Staaten (Deutschland)

Hey I’m Sophia and I’m looking for an email friend. Mainly I want to find new friends but also talk with people from a other country. In my free time i do sport all the time so at three times per week I go to my train Taekwondo. So if you talk with me normal and friendly because you want to find new friends too then get in touch!!

Orion (20) aus Vereinigte Staaten (Vermont)

Hello! I am new to letter writing, though this has always been something I've wanted to get into. I would love to make some lasting friendships. I enjoy dancing, painting, music, drawing, nature, and oddities. I have 40 houseplants and counting as well as some insects, a cat, and a scorpion. I dropped out of college, but I was studying horticulture and I plan on still pursuing it as a career. I look forward to meeting you and becoming penpals!

Parfaite (22) aus Togo (Lome)

Helo my name is parfaite i'm studing i'm in togo i'm here to find friends who can help me in english and chat with me in english or french thanks all


Daniel (36, männlich) aus Deutschland (Bremen)

I am so excited that this page still exists. In the year 2000 I met a German Engineer here during my first year of mechanical engineering studies at PTI Warri in Nigeria. Since then we have been in contact. I am now resident in Germany where I work as Project Engineer. I am seeking for a soulmate to enjoy the rest of my life with. Let us keep in touch. Feel free to write me. I love Bowling, Swimming, Creative Design and Writing. Feel free to send me messages. Tell me more about you. Thank you.

Alex (29, männlich) aus Vereinigtes Königreich (Edinburgh)

Dear recipient of this message, may I introduce myself? I am Alex, 29 years old from England. And I am looking for female counterpart to exchange some e-mails. I am into Nerd stuff. I love food and I am good looking ;) looking forward to your message! thank you for reading...

Pia (14, weiblich) aus Deutschland

Hello I’m Pia and I’m looking for an email friend. I love to dance and to draw. I also like to watch Netflix all day xD. I want to get in touch with people from all the world because it’s interesting to have friends from different countries. So if you’re interested to get in touch with me please write me friendly :)

Natalie (16, weiblich) aus Taiwan (Taiwan)

A 16-year-old daydreamer from Taiwan.Still studying in a senior high school.I love swimming,drawing,dancing and creating new things. Awww~~I'm a foodie and I like pizza!!! My favorite singer is Charlie Puth. Feel free to send me messages. Tell me more about you. Thank you.

abdalla (58, männlich) aus Libyen (Tripoli Libya)

Hello everyone I am here for real good friendship it will besoo nice to talk in many good and interesting subjects I am very calm man I like travelling swimming and fishing it will be great to meet with many friends from different places of the world

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