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Orion (20) aus Vereinigte Staaten (Vermont)

Hello! I am new to letter writing, though this has always been something I've wanted to get into. I would love to make some lasting friendships. I enjoy dancing, painting, music, drawing, nature, and oddities. I have 40 houseplants and counting as well as some insects, a cat, and a scorpion. I dropped out of college, but I was studying horticulture and I plan on still pursuing it as a career. I look forward to meeting you and becoming penpals!


Daniel (36, männlich) aus Deutschland (Bremen)

I am so excited that this page still exists. In the year 2000 I met a German Engineer here during my first year of mechanical engineering studies at PTI Warri in Nigeria. Since then we have been in contact. I am now resident in Germany where I work as Project Engineer. I am seeking for a soulmate to enjoy the rest of my life with. Let us keep in touch. Feel free to write me. I love Bowling, Swimming, Creative Design and Writing. Feel free to send me messages. Tell me more about you. Thank you.

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