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Kathy (67, weiblich) aus Vereinigte Staaten (South Dakota, USA)

I am always looking for new snailmail ladies between 55-75 who like to write long, chatty letters. I am 67, happily married for 45 years, mom to 4 and grandmother to 8. I love animals, reading, and am a Christian (though not a church-goer). I am politically and morally conservative and will not write to liberals--sorry--or any men. I do not correspond by email so if we cannot include our email addresses to exchange mailing addresses, I have no idea how anyone can actually set up a correspondence. I will not post my mailing address publicly so this seem like kind of a weird site. -Kathy B

Willow (68, weiblich) aus Vereinigte Staaten (Maplewood Minnesota)

I am an ordained minister in a Spiritual Church, I am also a Clan Mother in the Michigan department of corrections. I am also a Lakota Shaman, also a Pipe Carrier. I will write any inmates and all who wish to write snail mail

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