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Happy (28, weiblich) aus Myanmar (Myanmar)

Hey, just want to write long emails and make new friends. I am from Myanmar. I can say my self I am more introvert and i feel comfortable texting than meeting people out and make friends. So looking forward to have a good friend over email.


Alejandro (21, männlich) aus Spanien (Elda)

Hey! I'm Alejandro from Spain and I'm looking for meaningful conversations. Well, I just look for meaningful things in this life. I'd say I'm a deep, existencialist guy but also respectful, trustworthy, open-minded and not superficial at all. But this is the internet. Therfore, I hope we could get to know each other and check it out. (Actually, I'm open to write letters to one another as well) Cheers!

Ni (54, männlich) aus Vereinigtes Königreich (Uk)

Hi I am a guy from UK looking for broadminded people to chat about anything I like making things and learning new skills I have a disabled wife and grown up children so I can get a little lonely at times as we have limited circle of friends so would like to meet others for email exchange chat

Argenta aus Argentinien

Hi! I'm just a curious and easy going person who enjoy writing fancy letters. I'm preatty comun. I have two funtionals eyes, and a nose between them. I walk step by step: one foot go first, the other one go behind. I'm really good in walking, i practice every day since i was two... There is the way i do things, step by step, just like climb starirs. I would love if you tell me a tale. Feel free to share some joke also. But not share with me your problems please, cause i have my own ones and they don't let me see others (they are a little jealous). Hope we get in touch. bye.

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