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Sophia (13, weiblich) aus Deutschland (Deutschland)

Hi, I’m Sophia and I’m a student at a school in Germany. I’m 13 years old. Because of my dream, I want to improve my English and would be very grateful if anyone could help me! I like to hang out with friends, play the piano and like to watch movies or series about reign. I also like Anime and decided to learn Japanese, because I was fascinated by the culture. Not just because of Anime. I just like the nature, the people and their actions.


Yellowrose (45, weiblich) aus Vereinigtes Königreich (Scotland)

Hello My name is audrey I'm am 45 yrs old from Scotland in the uk I'm looking for genuine sincere friendships with people around the world. I hope we can become friends and maybe chat via email once we feel comfortable with each other I look forward to your message Audrey

Tiina (15, weiblich) aus Finnland (Tampere)

I love watching movies and listening to music. I'm a shy person in real life but through internet not so much. I'm in way too many fandoms, but the longest I've been in Marvel :) I'm wanted to try this out, so here I am


Kristina (38, weiblich) aus Schweden (Vilhelmina)

I am a woman with many hobbies but love animals, reading, movies and being out in the nature. I work with people and food. I´m looking for someone to share expirens from the daily life in youre country. I touths and lifestyle.

annisnotebook (21, weiblich) aus Deutschland

Hey there! My name is Anni and I'm 21 years old. When I came across this website I was hooked, it's such a good idea and I would love to make friends all around the world and with people from different cultures. What you need to know about me: I'm fluent in English and German and a pretty laid-back person, single, introverted and don't like unnecessary drama. I'm also an avid reader, you rarely see me without a book or my phone (where I read on). If you are interested, please hit me up, I would love to get to know you.

Muriu (56, männlich) aus Kenia (Kenya)

Hi , my name is ikiara looking for email friends at this site . I am humble and trustworthy. Single after separation for long . Any friend out there interested to contact me for chat is very much welcome .Thanks in advance .

MustaGA (17, männlich) aus der Türkei (Turkey)

Hi I am MustaGa I am 17. I am playing voleyball in my school team. I love meeting with new friends please text me.

Aditi (49, weiblich) aus Bangladesch (Dhaka)

Hello, I am bored in lockdown. So, I am trying to find a friend. I love reading books. I like watching films, but not that much. I also love travelling. But at this age backpacking is not for me.

Ada (16, weiblich) aus der Türkei

I'm Ada. I live in Istanbul with my mom and my old aunt. I also have a cat named Sushi. I like to stay at home and just watch Netflix. But if it's sunny outside I would like to go and take a walk or go shopping. I can sometimes act shy but when I get to know the person I get more comfortable. I just want a friend from across the country. So I hope I can find one. Big kisses, Ada

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