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Milliey (24, weiblich) aus Vereinigte Staaten (Iraq)

i am a hardworking active marine friendly open heart and gentle outgoing easy going, sincere, i like reading, watching movies, sighting and vacations

Özge (17, weiblich) aus der Türkei

hello, i'm Özge from Turkey. i want to make friends around the world and meet new people. i love listening to music (mostly rock and metal), reading, watching movies and shows. i can talk to anyone, gender and age doesnt matter for me. i hope we can be friends! x

Franziska (15, weiblich) aus Österreich (Dornbirn)

I'm Franziska, 15 years and live in Austria (obviously). After I have just spent half a year as an International student at a New Zealand High school, I now want to exchange with and learn about a few more cultures and countries. I still attend school (surprise, surprise!). In my leisure time I love to read or listen to music. I also play the piano and depending on the season I go mountain biking or alpine hiking when the weather is nice and skiing in winter. Like most other teenagers I also like TV-shows. Show or book, I like a bit fantasy, crime, thriller and marine-historic novels or shows. I don't really care about the gender or age (as long as you are not a 60-year-old pervert, writing with young girls. That would be creepy)however I don't care as long you are nice, interested in others and willing to make regularly.

faithful_niners (34, männlich) aus Deutschland (germany)

Hey guys! NFL regular season is up to begin shortly. Who's willing to talk all season long about the most exciting sport in the world, especially NFL Redzone and the upcoming games. I'm living in no man's land of football here. Division rival supporters are welcome. Ladies are preferred - they're underestimated. I gotta share my thoughts with someone! So put on your helmet and kick off your message to me! I'll be a kind guy and won't tackle too hard! ;-) See ya!

emmy (23, männlich) aus Uganda (kampala)

heii am emmy doing science in journalism, i like making new friends in life bcos they crucial, i do play soccer, v ball, t tennis, acting, art desighn, touring and traveling is part of me, dancing, watching movies, music. looking for good friends or friendship, relationship

aze (30, weiblich) aus Äthiopien (addis)

hi there am aze from EtHiopia.Am aNurse in local center .Ilove music,art,and cooking in my part time.................................i just want to have friends all over the world ,so help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charly (17, weiblich) aus Deutschland

Hey, my name is Charly, I‘m 17 and I would like to get in touch with people from all over the world. It would be great, if you are in my age or a little bit older . I don’t care about your gender or if you are bi,pan, homo or heterosexuell until you are a human 😊 About me: I Love music( especially rock), art and movies (absolutly Team Marvel) I Love cats Im quite good at listening to problems and keeping secrets I hope I can improve my english skills and learn about other traditions. I hope we get in touch, Charly

Alina (14, weiblich) aus Deutschland

Hey guys, I‘m Alina and i‘m searching for an mailfriend. I don’t know what to write so if you’re interested texted me☺️

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